Hot tub with a view

Chicken hotel

Northern view

Sorting pen, wood burning boiler

Crowding alleys

Tack room & vet supply storage, next to squeeze chute

New squeeze chute, automatic head catch

"When they open the gate we'll make a break for it!"

Blue ribbon winners

Combination loafing & bull barn

60x90 Roping arena, sugar sand base..069, Western, pasture and woods, home to monster bucks!

Listing Details
  • Listing # 4070
  • 110 acres, largely pasture
  • $239,900.00



Even if you personally aren't in the market for a working cattle ranch, do a fellow rancher, stockman or beef producer, a huge favor and tell them about this rare opportunity. Or, there is a good chance that after seeing everything this super efficient, go ahead operation has to offer, you may just decide it's the perfect fit for you!. Examine this offering with great care and view it like a newly found gold nugget because that's just exactly what it is..In over thirty years in the auction and real estate business we can count on part of the fingers on one hand the times when a complete package, turn key, professional, working cattle ranch such as this has been made available to the buying puclic. Here we have 110 acres, largely pasture, set up for rotational grazing with six seperate paddocks, each of which has its own water source. The water supply lines are buried deep in the ground well below the frost line, eliminating the need to blow them out in the fall. There are two wells on the property and two Ritchie waterers. The advantages of rotational grazing are many, only one of which is that the producer does not continually need to be on the lookout for more land to purchase or rent..This particuliar ranch is carrying over thirty head of mamas with their babies and because of the current owners excellent pasture management program, the pastures and cattle are in extremely fine condition. Cattle handling facillities, working pens, crowding alleys, are perfectly designed with minimum stress to stock and maximum efficency in mind. A new, state of the art squeeze chute with automatic head catch makes easy work of an otherwise labor intensive job. The owners recently built a metal clad, heated building, that serves very well as a tack room and storage facillity for vet supplies, related equipment, and is conveniently located just a few feet from the squeeze chute. As the new owner you will inherit dozens upon dozens of corral and fence panels, including an assortment of those monster, heavy duty, footed, round tube panels A newer, and most welcome addition, a bull barn/loafing barn was recently added as well. The owners are gifted, professional horse people and as such have won countless trophies and awards throughout the country..Due in no small part we're sure, to the big 60x90 ft. roping arena on the property that comes to you complete with a sugar sand base..You and yours will need a place to eat, sleep, and relax and no where will you be better served than the big, 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch house with it's full basement and wrap around deck, which by the way has a hot tub placed strategically at the North end allowing tubbers to soak, enjoy a prefered libation and breath in the gorgeous northern view. A detached one vehicle garage will keep everything out of the weather. The kitchen is big, with an open floor pattern to the family room..Nearly new, stainless steel refrigerator, cook top stove and dishwasher are in on the deal. The home is very comfortable in the coldest of days via an outside wood burning boiler...a wood burning furnace in the basement...and a propane furnace.. The wood fired boiler heats the tack room as well. Conveniently and perfectly located just 1-3/4 miles northeast of Leonard, Minnesota, this super home on the range can be yours for the incredibly low, extremely affordable price of JUST $239,900.00!!! Possession is the day of closing..Call us today (218) 694-6827 We'll take you on a tour of the ranch and you will see why we say "It's an easy place to find...But a very hard place to leave." « Back to farm land listings...

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